Simple survey sites!

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I figured for my first post, I’d go simple and list and explain some sites I’ve used and trust that are just survey sites. I’ll list them in order of my favorite to ones that are kind of meh.

  1. InstaGC –

InstaGC has been my absolute FAVORITE site since I started using it in 2013! To me, this site is the easiest to use. There are as of right now 23 different walls to choose from, and each wall has different offers. If you’re going to sign up for this site and use this one, I’ll give some suggestions on walls (though everyone is different, some walls that don’t work for me, others swear by, so you do need to do some testing out on your own). The main InstaGC wall is one I rely on for daily surveys. Along with the main wall, I religiously use TrialPay, Offertoro,, and Peanut Labs. Those are all my favorites. With this site, you do need to make new e-mails for some offers, like signing up for email subscription lists (but NOT a new email for the instaGC site, you’re only allowed one account on there.) Here’s a link to the guides I’ve been on this site since 2013 and I’ve made a total of $892. The first year I only made $90, then I was inactive until 2015, and I made the remaining $795. I can go on forever about InstaGC, but I’d probably bore everyone, so, go sign up!!

2. Instant Cash Sweepstakes –

This site I’ve only recently been on, but so far I like it. You go through and take short little 4 question surveys and you get rewarded with coins, tickets, or cash. Coins you can enter in a $2 drawing, tickets you can enter into a $50 drawing (you can also¬† buy more tickets with your coins, that’s what I do), and cash you occasionally get after you answer some of the surveys. I’ve yet to win anything yet, but I have a good friend who has won the $50 drawing twice!

3. Swagbucks –

This is the last site I use that’s a survey site. I haven’t used this one in a while, but it’s similar to InstaGC. You do offers (signing up for sites and such) and get rewarded in swagbucks. I’ve earned about 800 swagbucks, and cashed out $5 for Starbucks (gotta satisfy my inner basic bitch right?). It’s a pretty good site, I am planning on putting more time and effort into this one soon!

Well guys, there’s those three. I definitely recommend all of them. These also have referral programs where you can earn 10% of what each of your referrals make, so it can add a nice chunk of change to your earnings!

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